Targeted Leaflet Distribution

Targeted Leaflet Distribution

As well as offering flexibility regarding the frequency of leaflet replenishment, we also offer our clients the option of tailoring their leaflet distribution plan further still by opting for additional 'preferred' criteria.

Outlet Preference Indicator

This newly created tool ensures that your leaflets are placed in the venues likely to be most relevant to your target audience. We have segregated the outlets we work with into 13 categories and can therefore help you with planning the likely print production quantities meaning you achieve greater visitor results and less waste!

Talk to our team to who will be pleased to run through the categories with you to refine your plan and provide the optimum distribution campaign for your business.


We have divided the local territory into 9 zones, allowing you to select the key districts you want to target. For example Anglesey is one zone, as is the Lleyn Peninsula. 


We will be happy to accomodate one off local events in specific towns. In this instance our agents will distribute flyers for any client who wishes to publicise an event in a short burst, saturating a location/locations within a narrow time frame. This is particularly effective for local productions such as fetes, theatre shows and concerts. All deliveries for these events can also be recorded, giving our clients peace of mind that regardless of the sometimes irregular nature of the job, you will be able to measure the success of the implementation.


Time critical events are also easily managed in selected areas by using our Special Delivery service.



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